Two halves of a funeral

For most of us, attending a funeral is not an enjoyable experience and conjures up the Dickensian image of a uniformed funeral director, a crowd of mourners dressed in black and one dreadful day that whizzes by in a gloomy haze.


So, if you have ever pondered ‘can I separate the cremation part from the celebration of life?’ you will be pleased to know that with direct cremation you can treat the cremation and the ceremony as two separate events.


Like most aspects of modern lives, funerals have evolved to meet the changing needs of people today. We’re seeing more and more people opt for something a little different to remember and celebrate those they have lost. By choosing a direct cremation, the cremation itself remains the formal aspect respectfully carried out at the crematorium, allowing you or your loved ones to plan a truly unique send-off.


How does direct cremation work?


A direct cremation works the same way as a traditional cremation service, just without the costly hearses or a funeral director in a top hat. We will collect the individual, whether that’s from a care home, hospital or care home, and transport it into our care at our own crematorium in Andover, Hampshire.


The cremation itself will be carried out with no ceremony or fuss, although a small number of guests are able to attend if you wish. The ashes will then be hand delivered to an address of your choice, at a time suitable to you. A more personal farewell can then be planned at a personal farewell at a time and place that works for family and friends.


Why choose a direct cremation?


Separating the cremation and the farewell provides a number of benefits to your loved ones. It gives them time to really consider not only what you would have wanted, but also what they would like from the ceremony. This could be anything from dress codes to scattering the ashes at a special place. It also gives them more time to come to terms with the loss, so planning and attending a celebration or wake will not feel as painful. And don’t forget, choosing a unique send-off means you can invite everyone – including children and pets.


With friends and family spread all over the world, planning a celebration in the future gives them time to make travel plans so that they can attend. It allows your loved ones to decide when they want to hold the personal farewell, with no restraints from the funeral director. And if they can’t make it, technology has provided a range of options from online memorials to a livestreamed farewell ceremony or event.



We’re trusted by thousands of families each year, inspiring them to make the most of this new freedom to say goodbye in their own way. If you are interested in creating something more unique, a direct cremation could be the option you are looking for.


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