What is direct cremation?

Direct Cremation is a distinctive alternative to a traditional funeral

We offer a very simple, fuss-free cremation in our own crematorium at a time that we choose, usually with no mourners present. There are no fancy hearses or men in top hats. This is all we do, so we’ll never try to sell you a more expensive service and you’ll never feel “second best”.

Pure Cremation’s success is based on keeping costs low while delivering the highest standards of care to every family. We oversee everything, including the unattended cremation at the crematorium we completed in June 2019.

You can reach us day or night, and our well-trained staff and fleet of liveried specialist vehicles are ready to travel anywhere in mainland England, Wales and Scotland. Smart use of technology means we can help families wherever they live (even internationally) so you can deal with the arrangements from the comfort of your own home.

We have built our own crematorium, set within 10.5 acres of gorgeous parkland, which means that we are in complete control of the quality, pace and cost of the service you receive. We insist on complete continuity of care for you and your loved one, that’s why our client care area is an integral part of our HQ and just a step away from the main office. While we don’t offer any preparation or viewing of the deceased our staff can (and do) pop in and check on your loved one while they are with us.

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Outstanding service with a 60% cost saving compared with a traditional cremation funeral

Is a Direct Cremation the right choice for me?

We want to help you make the right decision for your family and for your loved one.

By separating the cremation process from the farewell, you can:


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

A direct cremation is a distinctive alternative to a traditional funeral. We offer a very simple, fuss-free cremation at a time and place that we choose, usually with no mourners present.

There are no fancy hearses or men in top hats. This is all we do, so we’ll never try to sell you a more expensive service and you’ll never feel “second best”. Everyone is looked after by our well-trained staff in our own state of the art facilities, and we use our own fleet of liveried, specialist vehicles to transport your loved one.

Here at Pure Cremation we do a number of things to keep our costs low without compromising the quality of care we provide – the biggest difference between us and a traditional funeral home is our ability to use technology to arrange everything via telephone, email and post.

This means you can deal with our simple paperwork at your convenience without taking additional time off work or making a special journey to the undertakers.

A direct cremation is a valid, legal and increasingly popular alternative to a traditional funeral. This style of send-off separates the two parts of the funeral – the committal and the ceremony.

We carry out the cremation, offering the same level of care and respect as the best local funeral director, but without the fuss and the big black cars.

Low Cost
Our price reflects the very simple nature of our service. You can save 60% compared with the cost of a basic cremation service from a traditional undertaker.

We take care of the practicalities leaving you and your family free to decide where, when and how to say goodbye, and how much you want to spend. This offers the chance to create a truly personal send-off.


Although there will be no service of any kind, some families still wish to be present at the crematorium.

For an additional £200, up to 12 people can attend at our new Charlton Park Crematorium for 30 minutes at a time that suits you.

Or if you'd prefer somewhere closer, you can choose a 9am booking at the most convenient of our venues, for up to 12 people to have 15-20 minutes in the chapel.

This charge covers the cost of additional staff time and providing your selection of music.

Please contact us for details of the crematoria we use.

We provide each client with a simple solid pine, wooden coffin. This has been carefully chosen for strength, elegance and good eco-credentials.

Everyone is cremated in their individual coffin.

When a cremation takes place at our own crematorium the ashes are presented in our unique biodegradable container that comes with a smart photo wrapper and the ceramic token that was placed on the coffin prior to cremation.

The ashes are easily accessed for transfer into an alternative container or scattering. Alternatively, you can simply place the box in the ground.

When a cremation takes place at another crematorium the ashes will be presented in a smart box that can also be used for scattering, easy transfer to another container of your choice or simply interred in the ground.

In all cases each person we look after is allocated a unique identifying code and this is used throughout our care. The official cremation certificate from the crematorium is kept with the ashes at all times.

Any jewellery is carefully labelled, placed in a linen pouch and stored securely until delivery with the ashes takes place.

The ashes, cremation certificate and any jewellery are carefully placed into a soft cotton bag ready for safe return to each family.

Organ donation is a wonderful gift and can be carried out immediately after death PROVIDED that death occurs in hospital. We can then arrange to look after your loved one and carry out the cremation as normal.

Many people want to offer their body for medical research but this wish cannot always be fulfilled – trauma, recent surgery and disease can prevent a donation, but other reasons include the research facility being closed over the Christmas break or they may simply have enough donors.

REMEMBER – you must complete the donation form for the organisation you wish to support. This cannot be done on your behalf. While some research departments take care of the funeral at the end of the process, more are relying on families to do this. Check the policy (which may change in the future).

Direct cremation is often chosen as “the next best thing” when a wish to donate the body cannot be fulfilled. It honours the deceased’s wishes for minimal fuss and expense; it also offers the same separation of the immediate farewell from the committal (at the end of the research period) that the family has planned for.


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Pure Cremation provides a simple direct cremation service that you can arrange online or over the phone. This service is available to arrange for someone who has passed away and those who are planning for the future.

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