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What is a pure cremation?

A pure cremation is a dignified, respectful cremation conducted by caring professionals you can trust.

When someone dies, we collect them in one of our private ambulances and bring them into our care. We have our own crematorium set in beautiful, mature grounds, and a highly trained, experienced team who perform the cremation. Everyone has their own, solid wood, eco-friendly coffin and unique ceramic disc which stays with them to guarantee the identity of the ashes.

After the cremation, the ashes are hand delivered in an urn to the next of kin, personally by us. Or if preferred, the ashes can be scattered in our attractive Garden of Remembrance.

There’s no funeral service at the cremation, so families can arrange a more personal service, whenever and wherever they’d like. With Pure everything you need is included, so there’s nothing anyone else has to arrange or pay for.

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Why choose Pure Cremation?

More affordable, with no hidden costs

More freedom to arrange a celebration of life
More 5-star customer reviews than anyone else
Means no-one else has to pay for your funeral
Gives you lifelong peace of mind
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What do our customers think?

How does our funeral cover compare?

Everyone will need a funeral one day, and none of us want someone else to have to pay for it.

When you look at how a pure cremation compares with some of the alternatives, you can see why more people choose us:

Services provided
Pure Cremation
Over 50s plan
Traditional funeral plan

Funeral is guaranteed

You don’t have to pay for a funeral service

Have their own crematorium

Protection against inflation


The information in this comparison table is correct as on 1 June 2024.

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Helpful free tools and guides

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Everything you need to know about funerals and funeral plans

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What to say when someone dies

Help finding the right thing to say to someone who's bereaved

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Personalising a funeral service

Ideas for a celebration of life or something more traditional

Important to know:

  • If you pay in instalments, your plan is at risk if you do not keep up with monthly payments.
  • Paying in instalments means an instalment charge is added, so the total cost is higher than the single payment price.
  • If you pay in instalments and die before the qualifying period, the outstanding balance will need to be paid so that we can provide the funeral.
  • The total cost of your funeral plan includes a proportion of funds which is transferred to the trust when received. See details about the trust.
  • If someone were to die without a plan and their loved ones were to arrange a pure cremation with us, it would cost £1,645.
  • Most popular / Most trusted / Britain’s favourite: Source ‘Funeral Planning UK’ report, Mintel 2023.
  • More affordable: A pure cremation does not include a funeral service (there is no hearse, limousine or flowers and no ceremony, celebrant or attendees at the crematorium) and so costs less than a traditional funeral which will include these.


All information correct as of June 2024. See

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What’s included with a Pure Cremation?

With a Pure Cremation, everything you need is included. There's nothing more you or any family would need to pay.

What is included:

Collection from anywhere in mainland England, Wales and Scotland, including Isle of Wight and Isle of Skye

Transfer to the crematorium and a solid pine eco-coffin (or suitable alternative)

Cremation fees for an unattended committal at the crematorium of our choice. Doctor’s fees (if applicable)

Hand delivery of the ashes to any mainland address in England, Wales and Scotland including the Isle of Wight and Isle of Skye

All costs associated with the delivery of an unattended cremation when the Plan holder dies

What's not included:

The use of a hearse, limousine or flowers

A funeral ceremony at the crematorium

A minister or a celebrant

A choice of crematorium

Mourners attending the committal at the crematorium

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Pure ‘no hidden costs’ promise?

With a Pure plan, everything you need is included. Some other providers charge for doctor’s fees, or to return jewellery, for a bigger coffin, for collection from home or to return the ashes. Not Pure – we include everything that is needed for a respectful cremation, so there’s nothing more for you or your family to pay.

Is my money safe in a funeral plan?

Yes. Rest assured, with Pure Cremation, your money is safe. The total cost of your funeral plan includes a proportion of funds which is transferred to a Trust. The Trust is managed independently and is subject to Financial Conduct Authority solvency requirements. See details about the trust.


You also have the protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme which in the worst case could pay you what it would cost to buy the same plan now.

How much do funeral plans cost?

The cost of funeral plans in the UK varies based on plan type, service levels, and location.


A Pure Cremation plan is more affordable than a traditional funeral plan, and has no hidden costs. When you take out a plan at today's prices, you protect yourself and your family against rising funeral costs and inflation.


You can choose to pay us in one single payment or in monthly instalments. Once arranged, you do not need to pay anything else. With other providers, it is worth checking their small print, as they may have additional costs that mean you could pay more than their published prices depending on your circumstances.

Will you look after my family?

Yes. Everyone at Pure really cares about the service they provide. We work closely together, and we do everything we can to provide a respectful and dignified service for those we bring into our care and their loved ones.


Just look at the comments on from the families and loved ones of our planholders and you’ll see how much we do to provide the best possible care and take away the worry at a difficult time.

How can I buy a Pure Cremation Funeral Plan?

First, get your FREE quote or call our team on 0800 470 23 93 .


Then, if you do take out a plan, carefully read the documentation we will post to you, and file it somewhere safe but easy to find. If you decide to cancel, the details are in that documentation. Then you can rest easy and get back to enjoying life.

Can I take out a funeral plan for someone else?

Yes – in fact many people take out a plan for their parents or partners. When buying a plan, you will need to say who the plan is for, and it is best to list yourself as the representative for that plan.

What’s the difference between over 50s life insurance and a funeral plan?

Over 50s life insurance is a whole-of-life policy that pays a cash lump sum to beneficiaries upon your death. Over 50s plans can never guarantee to cover the cost of a funeral.


A funeral plan, however, is an agreement with a funeral plan provider to fund and organise funeral expenses according to your wishes. They offer greater control and peace of mind regarding funeral arrangements, ensuring your life is celebrated the way you want.

Should I use a funeral director?

Many people wonder ‘Maybe I should get a funeral plan from a local funeral director near me’. And that’s fine of course – but they are likely to include a funeral service, which limits what your family can do and adds cost for you. If you take out a plan with us – what’s known as a prepaid funeral plan – we perform the committal and return the ashes, or you can choose to have them scattered in our Garden of Remembrance at our Charlton Park crematorium. With Pure, you are choosing a national, trusted brand. 

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