How your money is safeguarded

All plan holder funds are safeguarded until needed. Here’s how:

Just like other big funeral plan providers in the UK, we use a Trust to safeguard the funds needed to meet funeral expenses

Whether you’ve paid in a single lump sum or over a fixed number of instalments, the total cost of your funeral plan includes a proportion of funds which is transferred to the Pure Cremation Funeral Plan Trust (the Trust) when received

All of our plan holders receive the same level of care from Pure Cremation Limited's lovely people

Statement Plans

Plan holders’ money is kept safe until it is needed

The Trust is managed independently to Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Ltd and the funds transferred to the Trust are used to help meet the cost of your cremation when required.

  • The Trust is reviewed every year by an independent expert to ensure there are always sufficient funds available for your cremation

  • The Trust abides by the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 Chapter 14

A Trust with 124.8% funding

At the last review on 31/12/23, the Trust had a very healthy surplus, with a funding level of 124.8% calculated on a best estimate basis, meaning that the Trust has more than enough funds  to cover the costs of all plan holders’ cremations as promised. The Trust surplus is monitored monthly by both the Trustees and the Board of Directors to ensure this strength is maintained.

See a summary of the Trust's solvency position.



Meet the Trustees

The Trust is managed by five Trustees

Stephen Crewe

(Independent trustee)

Consultant and Retired Magistrate

Simon Gunson

(Independent trustee)

Former R&D Vice President for FTSE 100 company

Stuart Owen

(Independent trustee)

Previously MD of Barclays Global Investments Ltd

Dean Lamble

Chief Executive Officer of Pure Cremation

Mark Gawthorne

Finance Director of Pure Cremation

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