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About Pure Cremation


What area do you cover?

Pure Cremation Group is proud to serve the whole of England and Wales from its base at Charlton Park Crematorium in Hampshire. We serve Scotland from our office in Glasgow.


We always send our own staff to look after each client, whether that’s on our doorstep or several hundred miles away. You will be given a realistic time of arrival and all the advice you need to know that your loved one is in good hands, right from the first phone call.


Unattended cremations for clients who pass away in England or Wales will take place at Charlton Park Crematorium.


Cremations for clients who pass away in Scotland will take place at Clyde Coast and Garnock Valley Crematorium or The Hurlet Crematorium.

What are your business hours

If you need to arrange a cremation now with Pure Cremation Ltd then you can call our team 24 hours a day 7 days a week on 0800 160 18 81.

For General Enquiries, Account Enquiries and Prepaid Plan information from Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Ltd please call 0800 470 23 93 Mon-Fri : 8:30am-6pm, Sat: 9am-5pm, Bank Holidays: 10am-4pm or get in touch online. 

Can you take over from another funeral director

Yes. We do this quite often.


You have the right to change your mind, even if a local funeral home has already brought your loved one into their care.


Just tell the funeral director that you want to instruct Pure Cremation to take over. Ask what they are going to charge for the care delivered so far (we can add this to our bill to keep things simple for you).


We will work with the funeral director for a smooth and professional transfer of care.

About our Direct Cremation service

Provided by Pure Cremation Limited.


About Pure Cremation Ltd's Direct Cremation Service

direct cremation is a valid, legal and increasingly popular alternative to a traditional funeral. This style of send-off separates the two parts of the funeral – the committal and the ceremony.


Simplicity - We carry out the cremation, offering the same level of care and respect as the best local funeral director, but without the fuss and the big black cars.


Lower Cost - Our price reflects the very simple nature of our service. 


Choice - We take care of the practicalities leaving you and your family free to decide where, when and how to say goodbye, and how much you want to spend. This offers the chance to create a truly personal send-off on your terms.

What is meant by "unattended"?

9 out of 10 direct cremations are unattended at Pure Cremation, which means there are no mourners present for a funeral service at the crematorium or at the cremation itself. Our experienced cremation technicians will carry out the process with utmost respect and without anyone present – whether that is family or friends.

Can I attend a cremation if I want to?

Most of the families who choose our service, have made a conscious decision to focus entirely on a separate celebration of life event and don’t want to come to the crematorium. However, a few will ask us to facilitate a very simple, personal farewell.


Its important to note, this is not a funeral service. The number of attendees is strictly limited to 12 people, there’s no minister and no funeral director present. But the crematorium staff will greet you and ensure your instructions are followed, for example, playing the music you have selected.


For a modest, additional charge, you can either come to Charlton Park Crematorium at anytime, any day of the week. Or, select one of our 51 partner crematoriums for a 9am committal on a weekday. Our friendly team will always do our best to find the nearest location from the venues we use (not available in Scotland).

What happens at an attended committal?

Attending the committal gives the family quiet time with their loved one, at the crematorium. The coffin is placed in the crematorium chapel before the family arrive. We always explain that while there is no funeral director, no service and no minister, this is your time to use as you wish. Most families choose to play favourite music, and sometimes a family member will deliver a favourite reading or say a few words. You’re welcome to bring flowers to place on the coffin.

Where does the cremation take place?

Pure Cremation offers an unrivalled continuity of care, from the first phone call to the hand delivery of the ashes. If you pass away in England or Wales, then the unattended cremation will take place at Charlton Park Crematorium, in the Hampshire countryside.


Unattended cremations for people who pass away in Scotland take place at the stunning Clyde Coast and Garnock Valley Crematorium or The Hurlet Crematorium.


In all cases, the cremation is performed by dedicated staff, who treat everyone with the same level of dignified, respect and care.

Can I use my local crematorium?



As a direct cremation is normally unattended, the cremation will happen at Charlton Park Crematorium, near Andover.


If you choose to attend, up to 12 people can spend 20 minutes saying goodbye at Charlton Park Crematorium, with your choice of music - for an extra cost of £250. This is available at a time that suits you, including evenings and weekends.


However, you could also choose an attended committal at one of our carefully chosen venues at a 9 a.m slot only, Mon-Fri - for an extra £700. This may be closer to you, but we cannot guarantee it will be your local crematorium (not available in Scotland)

How long until the cremation is booked?

We aim to book and complete the cremation within 16 days of instruction, but please let us know your particular requirements so we can offer the best advice and support.


We will book a cremation date once we have received payment, all the documents and have your loved one in our care.


We aim to hand deliver the ashes within 14 days of the cremation date unless you instruct otherwise.

What coffin do you provide?

We provide a simple solid pine coffin to each client, carefully selected for its durability, elegance and good eco-credentials. It also allows safe and dignified loading of the cremation chamber and helps fuel the cremation process itself.

Which coffins are best for cremation?

Some coffin materials provide a good fuel source, reducing the amount of gas used, while others actively hamper the cremation. Untreated solid wood coffins are the best, and that’s why we use natural pine as our standard. Cardboard coffins are particularly problematic because they actively prevent heat penetration and prolong the cremation. Our skilled cremation technicians will use their knowledge and experience, to dynamically monitor and adjust each cremation for safety and efficiency.

Do you use cardboard coffins?

We do not use cardboard coffins for a number of reasons. Cardboard leaves a residue in the cremator and does not help fuel the cremation process in the same way that wood does. This means that more gas is required to carry out a cremation entirely negating any environmental benefit.


Plus, cardboard coffins are actually more expensive than wooden ones, and our coffins are made from wood sources from FSC Certified forests where the trees are sustainably managed.

Do you re-use the coffin?

Definitely not. The coffin is only used once and will never be reused for another client.

What do the ashes come back in?

When a cremation takes place at Charlton Park Crematorium, ashes are returned in a specially designed, biodegradable urn wrapped in a beautiful landscape image. This is more sustainable due to being made of renewable raw material, and has a CO2 saving of more than 20%. The urn is included in your price.


The ashes are easily accessed for transfer into an alternative container or scattering.


When a cremation takes place at another crematorium the ashes will be presented in a smart box that can also be used for scattering, easy transfer to another container of your choice or simply interred in the ground.


In all cases each person we look after is allocated a unique identifying code and this is used throughout our care. The official cremation certificate from the crematorium is kept with the ashes at all times.


Any jewellery is carefully labelled, placed in a linen pouch and stored securely until delivery with the ashes takes place.


The ashes, cremation certificate and any jewellery are carefully placed into a soft cotton bag ready for safe return to each family.


How can I be sure the ashes returned will be my loved one's?

Pure Cremation is proud to go above and beyond the strict UK rules for identity checking. Each person we look after is given a unique identification code, which is scanned at each stage of care.

  • Each coffin’s identity is checked when it arrives at the crematorium. All data must match the documents submitted to the crematorium before it can be accepted
  • This identity is checked again, before the coffin enters the cremation chamber, and a ceramic disc bearing the specific cremation number is placed on the coffin
  • The identity is checked and logged again once the remains and the ceramic disc are removed from the cremation chamber
  • This identity is logged once more when the remains go through the final step: preparation to return to the family

Pure Cremation is one of the only direct cremation providers in the UK to use this visible proof of identity.

How can I pay for a cremation needed now?

Pure Cremation Limited's lower prices and various payment options make this easier. We accept payments from multiple family members for cremations needed now.


Looking after your family comes first. If your loved one passes away at home, in a nursing home or hospice we will not ask for any money before we set out. We do require full payment before booking the cremation. In all other cases we ask for full payment before bringing your loved one into our care.


Payment methods:


Bank transfer – quick, secure and free. Our bank details are on the invoice so you can use on-line banking or take the invoice into a local branch. Remember it is perfectly proper to use funds from the deceased’s account to pay for their funeral.


Card payment – we accept all major credit cards and of course you can pay by debit card.


Funeral plans – we are happy to accept plans from a wide range of providers, as well as Pure Cremation clients. If your plan allows you to choose the funeral director we’ll do the rest. Please be aware that some plan values are very modest and may not cover the entire cost.


Social Fund Funeral Award from the DWP – we have a process in place to assist individuals who qualify for help with funeral costs, often without any deposit payment.


If you cannot afford a funeral and cannot get help from the DWP you have some options. In the case of a death in hospital you can ask the relevant NHS Trust to carry out the funeral, or in the case of a death in the community, contact the local Social Services team. There are also charities that may be able to assist.

Is there any paperwork I need to organise?

Yes. You will need to register the death with the registrar in the area in which the death occurred. This will generate a key document that we must receive in order to proceed with the cremation. If the Coroner is involved you will be told when to register the death and the Coroner will send us an alternative document for the cremation to proceed.

When do I pay?

If you don’t have a Pure Cremation funeral plan, we require payment within 48 hours of instruction. You will receive an invoice shortly after our first contact to make arrangements.

About our Prepaid Plan


Provided by Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Limited. Your plan is provided and administered by Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Limited and Pure Cremation Limited provides the Pure Cremation when the time comes. Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reg no FRN 965260)


How much do funeral plans cost?

The cost of funeral plans in the UK varies based on plan type, service levels, and location.


A Pure Cremation plan is more affordable than a traditional funeral plan, and has no hidden costs. When you take out a plan at today's prices, you protect yourself and your family against rising funeral costs and inflation.


You can choose to pay us in one single payment or in monthly instalments. Once arranged, you do not need to pay anything else. With other providers, it is worth checking their small print, as they may have additional costs that mean you could pay more than their published prices depending on your circumstances.

Will my family have to pay more?

We’re very proud to say that your plan will pay for your Pure Cremation when the time comes with no hidden costs, once you have either paid in full or, if you are paying by instalments and your plan is not fully paid, you have had the plan for 24 months from the start date. Accidental Death is covered from day one on all plans. And you don't need to worry about any increases in cremation fees or the cost of the doctor's certificates – we’ll take care of everything. If your family wishes to arrange an attended committal this can be requested and paid for at time of need. 


Please see the Funeral Plan Summary for more details.

What happens to my plan if you go out of business?

In the unlikely event Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Limited were to go out of business, there are arrangements in place that make it likely your funeral plan contract will continue to be provided by a new firm whilst keeping the terms and service that were agreed.


In the event that your funeral plan contract could not be carried out by Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Limited or another firm that was appointed, you would promptly receive a refund of the funds transferred to the independent trust used to help meet the cost of your cremation when required. 


You should be aware that in the event that your funeral plan could not continue to be carried out by Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Limited or the new provider identified, your funeral plan would cease, and you may incur additional costs in making new arrangements with a new provider.

How can I buy a Pure Cremation Funeral Plan?

First, get your FREE quote or call our team on 0800 470 23 93 .

Then, if you do take out a plan, carefully read the documentation we will post to you, and file it somewhere safe but easy to find. If you decide to cancel, the details are in that documentation. Then you can rest easy and get back to enjoying life.

Then simply relax and get on with enjoying life!

How is my money kept safe?

Yes. Rest assured, with Pure Cremation, your money is safe. The total cost of your funeral plan includes a proportion of funds which is transferred to a Trust. The Trust is managed independently and is subject to Financial Conduct Authority solvency requirements. See details about the trust.


You also have the protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme which in the worst case could pay you what it would cost to buy the same plan now.

What happens if I die before my monthly instalments are completed?


If you die as a result of an Accidental Death there won’t be any more to pay and we will provide the cremation.


If you have paid in 1 year instalments, your plan is fully in place after 1 year. If you have paid in 2 years or more instalments, your plan is fully in place after 2 years. If you die after this and your payments are up to date, we will not collect your outstanding balance and we will provide the cremation.


If you die before this, the person arranging the funeral will need to pay the Plan balance so that we can provide the funeral or; the planholder’s estate can receive a refund of payments made.

Can I take out a funeral plan for someone else?

Yes – in fact many people take out a plan for their parents or partners. When buying a plan, you will need to say who the plan is for, and it is best to list yourself as the representative for that plan.

What if my documents are incorrect?

We make every effort to ensure your plan documents are correct. However, if you do find an error on the documents simply let us know either via email at planningahead@purecremation.co.uk or telephone on 0800 470 23 93 , to get this amended swiftly.

What if I want to make changes to my plan?

We offer changes to your plan at no cost throughout your lifetime. If you need to make any changes to your personal information, simply email us at planningahead@purecremation.co.uk or call us on 0800 470 23 93 and we will update your record and issue new plan documents as needed.

I have not received my free guide

If you have not received your free guide in the post within 14 days, or would like to request more copies, please don't hesitate to call us on 0800 470 23 93 . If you have not received the PDF file of your free guide, you should have received an email with the PDF link attached, please check your spam folder. 

I haven’t received an email regarding my free guide

If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder.

I cannot download or open my free guide PDF

If you are having problems opening or downloading your PDF, you should have received an email with the PDF link attached, please check your spam folder. Please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 470 23 93 if you still cannot access your free guide PDF.

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