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It’s no surprise that in the era of the “JAMs” (a phrase coined by Teresa May in her opening speech as Prime Minister for those “just about managing)”, increased debt levels and frightening statistics about rising funeral costs, we’ve seen the terms ‘cheapest funeral’ and ‘cheapest cremation’ become some of the most popular search terms used by the newly bereaved.


Online price information and comparisons are usually quick and easy to search for, but this isn’t the case when you want to know how much cremation services cost. Funeral buyers are vulnerable and hungry for a range of good information about the choices that are available, but we can’t ignore the spike in search terms relating specifically to cost; cheap funeral, cheap cremation and life celebration on a budget.


Direct cremation is not a “cheap funeral”, it is a distinctive alternative to having a funeral, but it is true that this alternative can be 60% cheaper.  A direct cremation also offers greater financial control and flexibility over how you say goodbye, as opposed to the familiar formula offered by most local funeral homes.


The funeral profession has never seen the need to explain the value of their service and the special nature of their work. Unfortunately, as a result, too many families are left wondering exactly what they got for their money.


While it’s easy to blame the funeral director for the ever-increasing cost of a send-off, we must remember that their professional fees are only part of the picture.


The cost of the cremation itself is beyond the funeral director’s control and can vary greatly depending on where you live and die. The cremation costs for Belfast are just £300, rising to more than £1000 at some of the venues owned by Dignity plc.


And not every crematorium operator recognises the need for a “no funeral” option at a lower price, which makes it difficult for many local funeral directors to match the cheapest online offers.


It’s perfectly obvious that a very simple cremation held separately from the farewell party shouldn’t cost the earth, but it’s interesting to note that when families feel listened to and charged fairly, the exact ‘number’ in the price becomes far less important.


Pure Cremation’s experience shows that although customers are using price-driven language, they may not actually want a “cheap” service for their dearly departed… they are looking for good value for money, without compromising on the care or professional standards.


We understand that even if you’ve searched for “cheap funerals” or “cheap funeral plans” for your own exit, a provider must offer more than a super-low price. That’s why the Pure Cremation team has drafted the UK’s first Direct Cremation Code of Practice and made it easy to find all the information you need.


The next big challenge is to let everyone know about this new and liberating alternative. There’s a lot of work to do, but we’re looking forward to the day when searches for ‘direct cremation uk/’ and ‘pure cremation’ leave these ‘cheap’ alternatives far behind.

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