Pure Cremation Code of Practice

This Code of Practice is presented as the standard to which all firms offering Direct Cremation to the public should strive to operate.

It has been drawn up to ensure that, as the adoption rate of Direct Cremation increases, families are provided with an option that delivers the same level of care and dignity to the bereaved and the deceased as would be expected from the best traditional funeral providers.

It is designed to address the obligations of the Direct Cremation Provider in four key areas:

Each section starts with an Ethical Principle that sets the goals and ideals that should be applied. The Ethical Principle is followed by the applicable sections of the Code of Practice which lists specific types of conduct that is either required or prohibited.

I. Service to Families

Ethical Principle: All funeral directors have an ethical obligation to serve each family in a professional and caring manner, being respectful of their wishes and confidences, being honest and fair in all dealings with them, and being considerate of those of lesser means. This is even more important where the client rarely meets staff of the firm, instead dealing with them by post, email or telephone.

Code of Practice

II. Care of the Deceased

Ethical Principle: Firms have an ethical obligation to care for each deceased person with the highest levels of respect and dignity, and to transport, prepare and shelter the remains in a professional, caring and conscientious manner. Vehicles should be modern and well maintained and the deceased should be stored in refrigerated conditions.

Code of Practice

III. Obligations to the Public

Ethical Principle: Firms have an ethical obligation to the public to offer their services and to operate their businesses in accordance with the highest principles of honesty, fair dealing and professionalism.

Code of Practice

IV. Obligations to their Staff

Ethical Principle: Firms have an ethical obligation to their staff to both operate their businesses in accordance with legislation and to treat their staff fairly.

Code of Practice

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