Are Prepaid Plans Safe?

When choosing a Funeral Plan Provider, you should make sure that they are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA), which is a voluntary organisation set up to regulate UK Prepaid Funeral Plan providers. Being a member of the FPA requires annual reviews to ensure the company is operating to a high standard and that customers will receive the funeral they have paid for.

The FPA has strict rules to which all members must abide by, however it isn’t a legal requirement and therefore not every company is a member. This makes it important to check any provider before purchasing a plan to make sure your plan and money are both safe.

By choosing a Pure Cremation Funeral Plan, you can be confident that your money and plan are safe. Not only are we registered with the Funeral Planning Authority, but we also place plan payments in an independent Trust to ensure that your plan is 100% guaranteed to pay for your funeral.

This also means that if anything were to happen to Pure Cremation as a company, your money would be safe and could either be returned to you or transferred to a different provider with your permission.

You can learn more about the trust and how it keeps your money safe.

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