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A funeral without the service

A direct cremation is a modern alternative to a traditional cremation funeral. The cremation takes place completely separately from the personal farewell, allowing families to create their own special remembrance in their own time. It’s perfect for people who don’t like funerals.


Families tell us that creating a beautiful funeral with the ashes urn or a favourite photograph as the focal point is less daunting and more accessible.

Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Ltd’s claim to be “The UK’s Best-Selling in 2021”

Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Ltd has reviewed and collated data gathered from three independent sources: the Funeral Planning Authority (the regulator of funeral plan providers in the UK up to July 2022), Dignity plc’s Investor Presentation December 2021 and Co-operative Group’s Annual Report 2021.


This data clearly shows that Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Ltd sold more funeral plans than any other provider in 2021. Simply follow the links to access the published reports on the authors’ own websites where you will find the data on the pages indicated in the table.

Plan Sales
% Market Share

Total UK Sales

















Funeral Planning Authority 2021 market sales for funeral plans, based on sales data provided by members which includes Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Ltd. Dignity plc and Co-operative Group Lts.  Find out more

Internal Finance Data (= sales net of cancellations for accuracy)

Dignity 2021 annual report and accounts published April 2022 (page 10).  Find out more

Co-op 2021 results published April 2022 (page 12).  Find out more

All other providers                                                                                          


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Is a Pure cremation really a 'less expensive' alternative to a traditional funeral?

We believe wholeheartedly in helping consumers make informed decisions. In some of our adverts we make claims that the type of fuss free direct cremation plans that we offer are a ‘less expensive’ alternative and we want you to have information about those.

Based on the SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2022 (page 10), direct cremations are, on average, the least expensive option when compared with traditional cremation and burial alternatives. Traditional funerals with a burial had the highest average cost at £4,927 in 2021 followed by a traditional cremation at an average cost of £3,765 and finally a direct cremation at an average cost of £1,647. This highlights the variance in cost across different services and clearly shows direct cremation as a ‘less expensive’ option. The full report with detailed cost comparisons can be accessed here.

The SunLife Cost of Dying Report is a respected third-party publication that is released each year and is based on data gathered from consumers and funeral professionals. There is no connection between the authors of this report and Pure Cremation.

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