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You are guaranteed to be accepted for our Over 50s Funeral Plan

With affordable monthly payments from just £6.25 for a 50-year-old, this plan is designed to cover the total cost of a Pure Cremation when it's needed.

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What's included

The Pure Promise: Our plans are 100% guaranteed with nothing more to pay

A typical Over 50s funeral plan provides a lump sum when you die that can contribute to the cost of your funeral. We can offer you something different - a prepaid funeral plan with regular monthly payments that as long as you continue to meet the payment terms* it guarantees that your family won't have to pay a penny more for a Pure Cremation when the time comes. Also, you are guaranteed to be accepted for our Over 50s Funeral Plan!

This simple funeral plan includes:

  • Collection from anywhere in mainland Britain day or night (excludes Islands)^
  • Transfer to the crematorium
  • A solid pine eco-coffin and care of the deceased
  • The cremation fees and any doctor's fees for cremation certificates (where required)
  • Doctors’ fees (if these apply)
  • Return of the ashes by hand within 21 days of the cremation

What you'll receive:

Within 14 days of purchase you’ll receive your document pack which contains:

  • A letter thanking you for choosing a Pure Cremation Funeral Plan
  • A Plan Summary outlining exactly what is covered and when your payments will be collected
  • A Record of Wishes featuring contact details for you and your next of kin as well as any special requests you may have made
  • A Plan Certificate with your unique plan number
  • A My Funeral Wishes card to keep in your purse or wallet so everyone knows who to call when the time comes

^If you live in Scotland and are more than 2 hours drive from Glasgow or Edinburgh, please call to check that the likely timescales for our service meet your needs.
*You will need to pay monthly payments until you are 90 years of age (or until death if sooner). and the guarantee takes effect after you have paid the first 24 monthly payments. This plan will be available to anyone aged from 50 on their next birthday up to aged 75 years, with guaranteed acceptance and no medical questions.
PLEASE NOTE: If death occurs before 24 monthly payments have been paid then Pure Cremation will MATCH the payment you have paid and use this combined sum as a contribution towards the current cost of a Pure Cremation. Your representative will need to make up the difference.

If you change your mind within 30 days of purchase you will get a 100% refund of any payments made. Cancellation after 30 days will result in NO refund of the monies paid.

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Additional Services

We offer additional services that can be paid for when the times comes*.

Return of ashes within 21 days of the cremation is INCLUDED in our price. However, please let us know if you have planned a scattering or memorial service sooner than this.

You can specify a day and time for the return of your loved-one’s ashes, including evenings and weekends.


Please note that we cannot offer this service for ashes crossing the England-Scotland border.

We are happy to arrange for a family representative to collect ashes from our offices or the cremation venue themselves if more convenient. There is no charge for this.

Although there is no funeral ceremony we do offer the chance to spend up to 20 minutes saying a personal goodbye, with your choice of music.

We want to emphasise that a Pure Cremation is a distinctive service, not a cheap funeral, so there are some restrictions.

Up to 12 people can attend and you can choose either:

A committal at our own Charlton Park Crematorium in Hampshire at a time to suit you, including evenings and weekends.

A committal at one of our carefully chosen venues at 9 am only.


We have the same, simple pine coffin design for everyone we look after.

Please tell us if your loved one is heavier than 17 stone as we will need to provide extra staff for safe, prompt and dignified transfer into our care.

Very large clients (weight over 22 stone) or very tall clients (more than 6’6″) are likely to require a special order coffin, but we always review each case individually.


*We cannot accept prepayment for additional services as these costs could increase by the time of passing.
We cannot guarantee that your chosen crematorium will be available and prices may rise.
XXL coffins have to be made to order and cannot be prepaid in advance.


We're setting the standard for this style of service:

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Why plan ahead

The benefits of a prepaid plan

Peace of mind

Your family can focus on a truly personal farewell without any difficult decisions around your final wishes.

The Pure Promise

Our prepaid plans are 100% guaranteed to pay for a direct cremation, easing the financial burden and protecting your loved ones from any extra costs

Fixed low payments

When you take out our Over 50s Funeral plan, your monthly payment will remain fixed until you are 90 years old or your date of passing, whichever comes first.

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Not for you?

We have two plans to suit your budget, or you could request a Record of Wishes for those who want this style of send off but cannot buy a plan.

Trust-Based Funeral Plan

  • Anyone aged 18 or over
  • Single payment/monthly instalments
  • Flexible payments to suit your needs
About the Trust-Based Plan

Record of wishes

  • Anyone aged 18 or over
  • No costs
  • Pay when the time comes
About the Record of Wishes
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