The Pure Cremation Funeral Plan Trust

A funeral plan allows you to express your wishes and to pay for the funeral you want, long before you need it. This is a wonderful way to relieve your family of difficult decisions AND protect them from any anxiety about paying for the service when the time comes.

Over the last decade funeral costs have continued to rise more quickly than inflation, so it really does make sense to provide for these expenses at today's prices.

A Tried & Tested Model

The Pure Cremation Funeral Plan has been tailored specifically for a cremation-only style of service, and, just like the biggest UK plan providers, is based on placing funds securely in an independently managed Trust.

This means you get a plan that features:

  • FULLY GUARANTEED professional fees 
  • a realistic contribution towards third-party fees (doctors' fees and crematorium fees)

Extra Confidence

The goal is to ensure that your family have nothing more to pay when the funeral is needed, and we are proud to report that, to date, every single plan holder's funeral has been carried out without asking for any "top up" payment.

This has been achieved because of:

  • Pure Cremation fixing the cremation fees annually (and so accurately forecast any increases in these costs)
  • A sensible price agreed annually between the Trust and the service provider (Pure Cremation)
  • Excellent growth in the funds held in Trust

 We believe that these features add up to a unique set of plan holder benefits and the lowest possible risk of additional future payments.


The Pure Cremation Funeral Plan Trust

All of the Trustees understand the responsibility they have towards you and your family. Three of the Trustees have first-hand experience of serving the bereaved. All are committed to helping fulfil your wish to protect your family and to make things a little easier at a difficult moment in their lives. 

The Trust has been established since 2016 and complies with the requirements of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 Chapter 14, shown in bold. We've put additional safeguards in place as well:

  • The Trust Deed has been carefully drawn up to ensure that your money is safe and managed responsibily
  • Fewer than 50% of the Trustees have a connection with the Pure Cremation Group of Companies
  • The funds are looked after by an investment manager authorised under UK Financial Services regulations
  • Wherever possible the Trustees choose ethical and lower risk investment options
  • There are only two reasons to release money from the Trust - a plan holder has died and the funeral is executed, OR a client decides to cancel their plan
  • In both cases the signatures of TWO Trustees are needed in order to release the funds


The Trustees

There are currently three Trustees, with a fourth Trustee about to be authorised. They have been chosen for their experience and integrity and are experts in their fields.

Bryan Powell - As Managing Director of the Pure Cremation Group Bryan is able to give the Trust accurate information about the current costs of a cremation. His mission is to ensure that the price agreed with the service provider for carrying out plan holders' arrangements minimises or eliminates the need to make any "top up" payment at the time the cremation is needed.

Bryan is also a very experienced funeral director and has helped pioneer simple, low cost cremations in the UK.

Karen Billington  - a Senior Associate Solicitor in the Wills & Probate department of HCB Solicitors Ltd (independent Trustee)

Stephen Crewe - Consultant, Magistrate and Civil Celebrant (independent Trustee)


Trustees' Duties

  • The appointment of a qualified investment manager to look after the funds placed in Trust - Kames Capital
  • The appointment of a suitable service provider to carry out plan holders' wishes - Pure Cremation Ltd
  • Overseeing the management of the Trust to ensure that all funeral expenses can be met and arranging regular audits (annual) and actuarial valuation (every 3 years) of the Trust Fund.


How Your Money is Kept Safe

Safeguard #1 - The Trust is a separate legal entity that does not conduct any trade in its own right and cannot "go bust". There is no corporate connection with either Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Ltd (the plan marketing and administration company) or Pure Cremation Ltd (the service provider). This leaves the Trust free to form relationships for the benefit of the plan holders, for example to appoint an alternative provider if the original firm is unable to carry out the cremation.

Safeguard #2 - The Trustees have specifically ensured that plan holders are able to use the FULL CURRENT value of thier plan to contribute towards the cost of a funeral even if this is carried out by an alternative funeral director. This means that your money is still used as intended even if your family decide to have a more traditional send-off.

Safeguard #3 - Kames Capital has been appointed as the fund manager and instructed to invest the monies ethically and in portfolios with low to medium risk profiles.

Safeguard #4 - If you cancel your plan within 14 days you will get a 100% refund. After this you will receive the money you have paid in less the administration fee that applied at the time of purchase.

Safeguard #5 - The Trust works with the UK's leading provider of cremation-only funerals and can agree a sensible price each year. This means that, even if the investment returns were disappointing, plan holders' families are very unlikely to be asked to "top up" the plan at the time of need. (This is not a guarantee.)

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