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We offer two packages for our low-cost cremation service.

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Since March, the Pure Cremation trade service has helped funeral directors achieve timely direct cremations for a greater number of families, without compromising on the quality of care.

The appointment system for all transfers of coffins and ashes has worked so well, that it is now our standard practice. Please do not arrive at Charlton Park Crematorium unless you have an appointment. Read More

Some things are changing

Independent funeral directors are under immense pressure these days thanks to a widespread belief that funerals are too expensive and a lack of understanding about the unique value you can add when it comes to creating satisfying farewells.

Others remain the same

Most people still want a local firm to look after their loved one and to make the arrangements for a “good send-off”, so we’re here to help you give your families what they need…just at a more affordable price.

(Prices held until 31st December 2022)

Pure Cremation is here to support your business

Our state-of-the-art crematorium is available to independent funeral directors accross England and Wales who want to offer:

  • more choice
  • much lower cremation costs
  • better funeral experiences

...whilst protecting their income.

Everyone benefits

Giving you access to low-cost cremation services reduces the overall cost of a funeral without impacting on your professional service or fees.

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Working with us means you can more easily tailor your services to each family’s style and budget, setting your funeral home apart from those that are slower to recognise the need to move with the times.

Keeping things simple for you

You look after the family and the funeral arrangements, as usual, simply swapping the local cremation booking for one with us.

The cremation paperwork can be scanned and sent to us electronically for our medical referee to sign off.

Send the original paperwork with the deceased when they come to our client care facility and crematorium in Andover.

The coffin will be transferred to the crematorium and the cremation completed within 2-5 working days of arrival. We will always give you a specific cremation date to pass on to your clients.

How it works

Working with us couldn't be easier


Make arrangements
with the family then
make a booking
or call 0808 147 1918.

Contact us via telephone


Scan and email the
complete set of forms
for cremation. We
accept any Application
for Cremation that you
usually use.

Email any paperwork


Make payment online
or by phone so we can
confirm the booking
and cremation date.

Pay online or over the phone


Transfer the
deceased and
original documents
into our care.

Arrange to transfer to us


Cremation takes place at
Charlton Park Crematorium
on the date that we
have confirmed with you.

Cremation will be booked


Receive the ashes
presented in our
unique biodegradable
container, plus

Delivery or collection of ashes
Pure Cremation

Choose how you want to work with us:


You deliver the coffin to Charlton Park Crematorium and collect the ashes from us on a day to suit you


We collect the coffin from your funeral home and hand-deliver the ashes back to you within a week of the cremation

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Our Ashes Container

21st Century Reassurance

State-of-the-art tracking systems ensure that the correct remains are returned to you, but we go further…Charlton Park Crematorium is the only venue in the UK to use a ceramic identifying disc to give every family tangible confirmation of the identity of the ashes.

Imprinted with the cremation number, the disc is placed on the coffin just before it enters the cremation chamber, recovered with the remains afterwards and presented within our unique ashes container. These attractive boxes are made from cellulose so they are both robust and 100% biodegradable, PLUS the sliding lid makes it easy to scatter or transfer ashes.

Offering families greater choice

The location and cost of the cremation may be different, but the following examples show how a non-local cremation can increase your flexibility:

No frills required

Some people only want the simplest direct cremation at the lowest possible cost but would prefer to be looked after by a local firm. Our low cremation fees mean that you can say “Yes” to serving these families at a price that they feel good about… yet still achieves a healthy margin for you.

Celebration without the coffin

More people are looking to hold memorial celebrations away from the crematorium and working with Pure Cremation makes this easy to achieve. You are the best advisor to help a family craft a satisfying and personal farewell…while we take care of the cremation.

Traditional ceremony with the coffin

You’ve already arranged funerals where the committal happens at the end of the service and the unaccompanied coffin travels to the crematorium. This more relaxed farewell liberates everyone from the crematorium diary and allows mourners to go straight to the wake…together.

Continue doing what you do best

Remember, every family still depends on your expertise for:

  • Making it easy to arrange things in branch or at home
  • Local care and preparation of the deceased
  • Help to choose the right coffin
  • Viewing in the chapel
  • Creating a satisfying farewell event
  • Access to suitable urns and caskets for the ashes
  • Information about ashes interment and memorialisation options
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