Pre-need FAQs

Will my money be secure?

Yes, all funds are paid directly into the Pure Cremation Trust, an independent fund to safeguard your money and to pay for your funeral when it is needed. Once in the trust the only ways to access the funds are either a)you request a refund or b) a funeral director (Pure Cmreaiton Ltd) presents an invoice for your funeral along with a copy of your death certificate.

Who are the Trustees?

The Pure Cremation Trust has four Trustees, three of whom are completely independent, with no connection to Pure Cremation Ltd. All three of the independent Trustees are experts in their fields, law, accountancy and insurance. Their remit is to oversee the proper investment of the funds and to ensure that the Trust complies with the laws and regulations governing pre-paid funeral plans.

What if you go out of business?

The funds are kept securely in the Trust and are not associated with our business in any way. In the unlikely event of us ceasing to trade the Trust can appoint a suitable alternative funeral director to carry out your wishes or a sum equal to the most recent price of the Pure Cremation Funeral Plan can be used towards the cost of using your choice of funeral director.

Who can take out a funeral plan?

All applicants will be accepted as there is no age limit and no medical is required.

Can I take a plan out for someone else?

Yes, you can take a plan out for anyone and they are guaranteed to be accepted with no age limit or medical. 

Do you guarantee that there will never be anything more to pay?

The cost of Pure Cremation professional fees are guaranteed to be covered. The third party fees such as the cremation fees and doctors' fees cannot be guaranteed as they are beyond our control however as the Trust fund is managed in order to keep pace with inflation most clients will find that there is nothing more to pay. In the event that the costs of the third party fees rises faster than the value of your plan your representative may be asked to make up the difference.

Is this funeral plan an investment?

No. Funeral Plans have one specific purpose, to provide a sum towards the cost of your funeral when the time comes. In the unlikely event that the value of the funds in the Trust falls then Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Ltd has a duty to meet any shortfall between the value of the fund and the cost of the funeral you have requested.

What if I change my mind?

You can cancel your plan at any time you will receive back the value of your original plan payment less the administration fee and any other charges that apply in our Terms of Sale at the time you signed up.


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