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What coffin do you provide?

We provide each client with a simple, solid pine coffin, which was carefully chosen for its strength, elegance and good eco-credentials. It also allows safe and dignified loading of the cremation chamber and helps fuel the cremation process itself.

Do you re-use the coffin?

Definitely not. The coffin is only used once and will never be reused for another client. Once it is received by the crematorium staff, it cannot be opened.

Do you use cardboard coffins?

We do not use cardboard coffins for a number of reasons. Cardboard leaves a residue in the cremator and does not help fuel the cremation process in the same way that wood does. This means that more gas is required to carry out a cremation entirely negating any environmental benefit.

Plus, cardboard coffins are actually more expensive than wooden ones, and our coffins are made from wood sources from FSC Certified forests where the trees are sustainably managed.


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