Ashes Containers

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What will the ashes come back in?

Instead of using plastic urns we have chosen a new kind of ashes container made from cellulose to ensure it is both robust AND biodegradable. Our standard presentation for the ashes is the biodegradable box with a smart photo wrapper in one of three designs.

We have also adopted a lovely European technique to tangibly confirm the identity of each set of remains. A ceramic disc bearing the unique cremation number is placed on each coffin as it enters the cremator and this is returned to the family in the circular aperture of the ashes container.

The ashes are easily accessed for transfer into an alternative container or scattering. Alternatively, you can simply place the box in the ground.

As well as the ceramic token, each person we look after is allocated a unique identifying code and this is used throughout our care, including a label for ashes containers. The official cremation certificate from the crematorium is kept with the ashes at all times.

Any jewellery is carefully labelled, placed in a linen pouch and stored securely until delivery with the ashes takes place.

The ashes, cremation certificate and any jewellery are carefully placed into a soft cotton bag ready for safe return to each family.


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