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PUBLISHED: 10th Jan 2019
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What to do with ashes

When you lose a loved one there are many different ways you can choose to remember them. From creating a digital memorial to holding a special event in their memory, there are countless options available. Remembering and honouring those you have lost is an important part of the grieving process, but did you know you can also get creative with their ashes to make a lasting memorial?


When opting for a direct cremation with Pure Cremation, we ensure that the ashes are hand delivered to you. That means you are free to do whatever you wish with them. We have put together the suggestions below to help you decide what works best for you – from the traditional to the slightly more unusual.


Keep it classic with an urn

This is a traditional option in which you store your loved one’s ashes in a dedicated container – it could be anything from a simple container to a custom-made vessel that you can store safely or display in your home. There are some fantastic options when it comes to bespoke urns so you can find something that perfectly suits their personality.


Scatter them somewhere special


Scattering the ashes is another popular option. This could be at a place that was special to them, and many people organise an event where friends and family can come together to scatter the ashes and say a few words. This could be at the beach or just at home in the garden; you can find out more information about scattering ashes here.


Keep them close to you with custom jewellery


If you want to keep your loved one’s ashes really close you can have their ashes turned into a custom piece of jewellery. Companies like Ashes into Glass create beautiful stones that can be added to rings, necklaces and earrings. Each stone has its own unique character that “may remind you of a starry night’s sky, a wispy cloud up above or maybe the ashes floating on a gentle breeze”.


Light up the sky


Create a truly fantastic farewell with a special firework display from Heavens Above Fireworks, who promise “a number of unique fireworks designed or modified to incorporate cremation ashes, allowing for a spectacular memorial event”.


Dive deep


If you or your family member had a connection with the sea you can honour their memory and help protect sea life by turning their ashes into part of an artificial reef sanctuary with The Solstice Reef. “As the reef sanctuary evolves and flourishes it will become home and haven to numerous marine species”.


Make it permanent


If you or your loved one were passionate about getting inked, then this option is for you. A small number of tattoo artists across the UK are offering to mix a small amount of the ashes with the ink and give you a truly unique memorial. Mark of Gods of Ink Studio “checked that the process was scientifically and medically safe. All the advice and information that came back was that cremation ashes are pure carbon – and sterile. As long as the preparation has been done correctly there’s no possibility of contamination”.


Back to Nature


To create a lasting and natural memorial, why not bury the ashes and plant a tree over them? This gives you a place to visit for quiet contemplation or family gatherings. We return all ashes in unique biodegradable containers, so they are ready to be buried.


Put a spin on it


Jason Leach of And Vynly has developed a way to press ashes into vinyl records, creating a unique tribute to the music lovers in your life. They can include recordings of songs or conversations as well as a photograph and details. Mr Leach says, “Of course there are those that find it strange… but most people actually come around to the idea”.


Get creative


As you have seen, ashes can be combined with many different substances so why not paint? You could design and paint a piece of artwork that will hang on your walls for years to come and act as a lasting reminder of your loved one.



A direct cremation works perfectly with all of these ideas because once the cremation is complete, we return the ashes to you in a biodegradable container, giving you total freedom to choose the next steps. For more information about the services we offer at Put Cremation, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch today.

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