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BBC Interview with Pure Cremation

Bryan and Catherine Powell

Media interest in the alternatives to traditional funerals continues to grow.

Journalists often approach Pure Cremation Director, Catherine Powell, to comment on and explain funeral-related trends

Justin Parkinson of BBC News Magazine wanted to know more about why people might choose not to have a funeral, following the deaths of David Bowie and Anita Brookner.

Catherine observed

"What we offer isn't a cheap funeral - it's a simple cremation. That's not right for everybody, but it allows the later remembrance to be more personalised and planned. Often there's no time for some relatives and friends to get to funerals, so it gives them a chance to attend a memorial when one takes place at a better time. It offers more flexibility.The body is the part of the funeral process that people find most difficult to deal with. This [direct cremation] takes away that worry for people."

Catherine also spoke with BBC West Midlands FM about the many ways to personalise a farewell. The media interest in alternatives to traditional funerals followed the widespread coverage of two anglers catching an 180lb carp using their friend's ashes as fish bait.

Speaking to the BBC, Catherine commented:

"It's amazing what you can do with ashes. From beautiful household mementos to fireworks - ashes can be mixed with a range of different things".

Pure Cremation specialises in direct cremation and exists to free people from the restrictions of traditional funerals by giving them the choice to celebrate their life at a time and place of their choosing.

Opting for a Pure Cremation means you separate the committal from the cremation itself, leaving you free to plan a truly personal farewell. This could be a big family party or a quiet tea party at home - the choice is yours. You can find more inspiration on our saying goodbye page.

Catherine went on to say:

"There are pioneering centres in the Midlands that incorporate ashes into tattoos and you can also compress ashes into precious stones."

"Cremation gives people the freedom to do what they want. In fact, one lady's partner passed away and his friends could not attend the funeral, so they decided to have a direct cremation. They then placed the ashes in 50 different locations across the US and Africa, marked the spot with a special plant and geotagged it. His friends can now go on a journey and visit each spot to pay remembrance."

Written by: Catherine Powell

On: 16th March 2016

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