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Meet our Team

About Pure Cremation

Launched in 2015 Pure Cremation is disrupting the funeral industry and growing at a rapid rate. We now serve over 3,000 people a year and, having raised a significant amount of funding in 2017, we are well placed to continue our growth. We’re investing heavily in facilities, cutting-edge technology and, most importantly, people.

Our business encompasses: Marketing, Logistics, IT, Pre-paid Funeral Plans and Cremation. Each as important as each other and completely interdependent.

People are always at the heart of our business, whether they are our staff, our clients or the loved ones we have been entrusted to look after, and so our systems must be easy to use and robust.

Without our great team our business won’t keep growing and so we’re committed to ensuring that Pure Cremation is a great place to work. If you’d like to find out more just contact us, we always want to talk to people who believe they have what it takes to help us grow.

What we stand for

Highest standard of care

Every bereaved family deserves to know what they should expect from a reputable Direct Cremation provider. As the leaders in this field Pure Cremation has drawn up the very first Direct Cremation Code of Practice, setting the standards for this style of service.

Click here for the Direct Cremation Code of Practice


We’re caring, friendly, helpful and patient making sure that our customers have all the information they need.


We’re knowledgeable, honest and respectful, delivering the service our customers expect.


We love what we do and demonstrate pride in all we do.

Meet the team

An excellent service provided by an excellent team

The Pure Cremation team has grown rapidly in the past year, from new funeral operatives and members of our care team to a new IT and Marketing team. Below you will find pictures of everyone employed here at Pure Cremation, along with their names and job titles.

If you are looking at starting a career with us, check out what jobs we have open.

Operative Team

To ensure that your loved one receives the highest quality of care, we handle every arrangement from the first phone call to the delivery of their ashes.

Steve Hunt
Funeral Operative
Gerrard Pinnock
Funeral Operative
Jerome Bennett
Funeral Operative
David Lake
Funeral Operative
Mark Froud
Funeral Operative
Michael Hopgood
Funeral Operative
Michael Lacey
Funeral Operative
Simon Jordan
Funeral Operative
Thomas Sweeney
Funeral Operative
Paul Rea
Ashes Specialist
Steven Arnott
Ashes Specialist

Crematorium Staff

Our crematorium staff at Charlton Park Crematorium make sure that every cremation is carried out with the greatest respect and dignity.

Zoe McMillan
Crematorium Manager
Aaron Appleton
Cremation Technician
Nicola Hill
Cremation Technician
Justine Hillier
Cremation Technician

Client Care Team

If someone has already passed away, contact us to speak with one of our Client Care Advisors who will guide you through what happens next. We are available 24/7 to advise and support the bereaved.

Harriet Castle
Client Care Manager
Louise Kiely
Client Care Advisor
Peter Wheeler
Client Care Advisor
Lucie Chandler
Client Care Advisor
Ashley Holden
Client Care Advisor

Planning Ahead Team

If you're looking to purchase a prepaid plan with us, our planning ahead advisors can offer expert advice and support to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

Gemma Buchanan
Pre-Paid Manager
Janet Kelly
Pre-Paid Advisor
Alison Poernig
Pre-Paid Advisor
Teresa Marshall
Pre-Paid Advisor

Marketing & IT Teams

Our Marketing and IT teams work together to ensure that our website is up to date and to produce our blogs and marketing materials.

Tony Martins
PPC Executive
Charlotte Seabrook
UX/UI Designer
Dan Baker

Management Team

From finances to customer experience, our management teams support our staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Kasmin Malcher
Executive Assistant
Rob Murphy
Finance Director
Siobhan Dunstan
Financial Controller
Russell Stevens
Business Development Executive
Richard Thomerson
Commercial Director
Prof. Mark Watson-Gandy
Catherine Powell
Communications & CX Director
Bryan Powell
Managing Director


This is our operative team based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Ian Kirk
Scotland Manager
Gary Honer
Funeral Operative
John Munro
Funeral Operative
Stephen Lyons
Funeral Operative

Pure Cremation Lends its Support to The Real Living Wage

Pure Cremation is proud to be supporters of The Real Living Wage and to pay our incredible staff more than the funeral industry average.

Set up in 2011, The Living Wage Foundation recognises and celebrates responsible employers who pay the real living wage and choose to go further than the government minimum.

We at Pure Cremation believe that a hard day’s work means a fair day’s pay and given how amazing our staff are, we are delighted to pay far more than funeral workers usually attract. We take pride in having such a high staff retention rate and we believe that good salaries make our employees feel both happy and valued in their roles.


Setting the standard for this style of service: