The rising cost of funerals and increased demand from mourners for a better way to approach planning a loved ones’ funeral has led to a soar in the popularity of direct cremations in recent years.

A virtually unknown concept in the UK just five years ago, an estimated 2,000 people per year in the UK alone are now opting for this service.

Catherine Powell, Customer Experience Director at Pure Cremation – believed to be the UK’s only dedicated direct cremation service provider -  said the service is hugely popular in America, with the most notable direct cremations in recent months being David Bowie and Prince, and is fast growing in the UK where families are recognising it as a liberating and affordable alternative to a funeral.

Catherine said: “There’s much more to this choice than cost – although this is an important factor. Whereas an average funeral these days costs £3,600 a direct cremation is barely above £1,000.


“This it is a simple, effective way for a family to say goodbye to a loved one and often goes hand in hand with an even more personal memorial service or celebration of their life than can be achieved using the traditional “funeral formula.” ”

Catherine said there were a number of factors swaying people’s decisions in favour of direct cremations. Among them are:

  1. Direct cremation is the perfect answer for people who don’t like funerals – they’re the fastest growing form of funeral in the USA and predicted to take the lion’s share of cremations in the UK in the next few years.
  2. Surprisingly, the lower cost is not one of the main reasons that direct cremations are becoming increasingly popular. Choice, convenience and the fact some people prefer to depart without any fuss are the main reasons.
  3. Direct cremations may not involve a funeral service but the same standards of respect and dignity are applied to care of the person who has died.
  4. Some people do not attend traditional funerals due to divided family relationships – this isn’t a problem with a direct cremation as there is no funeral service. The deceased’s relatives may decide to organise their own memorial events at a later stage.
  5. The deceased’s ashes can be returned or collected, but amazingly in 2014 it was found that more than 25,000 sets of ashes are still waiting to be collected from UK funeral directors.

She added: “Losing a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences in life but with a direct cremation you have a new level of freedom to spend more time planning the perfect celebration of life at a later date while we take proper care of the practical aspects.”

Pure Cremation was established by former funeral director Bryan Powell who has a pedigree in the funeral industry spanning nearly 30 years, together with his wife Catherine following a steady increase in enquiries for a direct cremation service.

It is the UK’s only dedicated direct cremation provider which enables the team at Pure Cremation to deliver a level of personal service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Pricing too is totally transparent with a simple fixed price structure to meet individual and geographic requirements.  

Pure Cremation covers the whole of England and Wales.

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