Planning a funeral for a loved one is not easy – particularly if the arrangements had not already been discussed and the deceased had made no express wishes on their preferences.

It’s a well-known fact that Britain as a nation is one which struggles to face its own mortality, when compared with other countries. As a result the bereaved – on top of the shock and grief which comes naturally with death – are faced with endless decisions trying to second guess our preferences for our farewells.

In addition they are faced with the spiralling cost of funerals which – according to insurer SunLife’s 2016 Cost of Dying report - continue to rise at almost 10 times the rate of inflation and also outstrip salary and pension increases.

It is no surprise that as a result many of us do not get to receive the farewell we had hoped for as our families struggle to raise the cash to fund our funerals, whilst not even sure they’ve organised the funeral we’d have planned for ourselves in the first place. 

In the US there has been a huge step change from 91% burials to cremation, with direct cremations now accounting for 30% of the whole market. 

Catherine Powell, Customer Experience Director at Pure Cremation, the UK’s only dedicated provider of direct cremations, said while such low-key send-offs are currently more popular in the US, their popularity is growing rapidly over here in the UK also.

Having celebrated its first full year in business the company has forecast an increase of more than 400 per cent in the number of direct cremations over the coming 12 months and anticipates reaching its target of 12,000 direct cremations per year within the next five years.

Catherine said the low cost of direct cremation, combined with the fact more and more people are realising that separating the cremation from the farewell gives them more time to plan a proper send off at a later date, were among the key selling points.

She said: “There is a lot to think about when planning a funeral - we all want our loved ones to have the perfect send off.

“But when the majority of us are reluctant to face our own mortality it makes it all the more difficult for those making funeral arrangements to always make the right decisions on the details – whether it be the type of ceremony, choice of music or  the dress code.

“The task has become all the more difficult in recent years as more of us choose to look upon a funeral as a chance to celebrate a life rather than mourn the loss. Rather than traditional funerals with hearses, limousines and mourners dressed in black, we are choosing motorcycle cavalcades, pink coffins and yellow dress codes as family and friends gather to say goodbye. With such endless choice, it is no wonder so few know what to do for the best.

“Many of our customers choose a direct cremation as it is quick and practical, with the same respect and dignity of a burial or cremation, while giving them time to plan the finer details of a larger farewell.”

The top ten reasons to choose a direct cremation:

  • When you want to take control of your loved one’s send-off.
  • When you want more time in choosing the right time and place for the perfect goodbye.
  • To avoid excessive funeral costs.
  • To avoid family arguments over the finer points of a funeral service.
  • To avoid feeling obliged to spend more than is affordable on a funeral service.
  • To avoid confrontations between families that are already feuding.
  • When there are very few friends and relatives to fill a church at a funeral.
  • When you see the physical disposal of the body as separate from the Memorial Service.
  • When you are looking for a no-frills funeral with no expensive extras.
  • When you want to reflect the life of a simple and honest individual.

Pure Cremation was established by former funeral director Bryan Powell who has a pedigree in the funeral industry spanning nearly 30 years, together with his wife Catherine following a steady increase in enquiries for a direct cremation service.

It is the UK’s only dedicated direct cremation provider which enables the team at Pure Cremation to deliver a level of personal service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Pricing too is totally transparent with a simple fixed price structure to meet individual and geographic requirements.  

Pure Cremation covers the whole of England and Wales.

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