Planning Ahead - £1,595 all-inclusive price

We've designed a great value funeral plan that keeps things really simple.... because none of us can predict the future!

You don't need to worry about whether you'll pass away in hospital or at home, or worry about whether we cover where you live (as long as it's in England or Wales)  - there's just one, all-inclusive price of £1,595 for everyone. That's it.

It's never been simpler to get exactly what you want AND fix the costs at today's prices*.

Here are the key cremation plan features:

  • Your money will be placed into a secure, independently managed Trust
  • The funds are only made available to Pure Cremation when you need us to carry out the funeral
  • The Pure Cremation Professional Fees are FULLY GUARANTEED
  • Your plan funds make a significant contribution towards the third-party fees too - most clients find that there is absolutely no more to pay at the time, but * because these third-party fees are beyond our control we can't guarantee this bit, much as we'd love to
  • If your family decide that they want a traditional style funeral at the time of need then your plan will make a contribution towards the cost of that, no matter which funeral director they choose to use.

Planning a Simple Funeral Checklist - What's included:

  • Collection from anywhere in England or Wales, day or night
  • A simple coffin
  • Suitable transport to the crematorium
  • Scattering of ashes in Garden of Remembrance, collection of ashes by family or return by one of our team within 28 days of the cremation
  • A contribution towards the Crematorium fees for the facility of our choice
  • A contribution towards Doctors' fees

 NOT included in this plan:

  • The use of a hearse or limousine
  • A funeral ceremony at the crematorium
  • A minister or celebrant
  • The option to choose the crematorium


What you get:

As well as priceless peace of mind you'll get a personalised Record of Wishes, a unique plan certificate and a FUNERAL WISHES CARD to carry in your purse or wallet. That way everyone will know who to call when you need us. Pure Cremation Pre-paid Funeral Plan wallet card


The two most common questions:

1. Why is this more expensive than the current price for needing a funeral now? Our prepaid funeral plan is designed to cover everything you could possibly need at a fantastic price. No other plan can compare in terms of value for money. We've made sure that your family will not have to pay more if death occurs at home, in a nursing home or in a hospice. Our plan covers all these eventualities. 

2. What happens if my family decide they want a traditional funeral? We know that a Pure Cremation isn't right for every family and we want to be fair to everyone. If you or your family choose to have a traditional style funeral just send us a copy of the bill and death certificate and we will pay the current value of the plan to their chosen funeral director as a contribution towards the cost. 


How Your Money is Kept Safe

The Trust is a completely separate and independent legal entity. It has no corporate link with either Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Ltd (the plan provider) or Pure Cremation Ltd (the funeral service provider). The Trust is free to form relationships for the benefit of plan-holders with any appropriate provider for example if the original appointed provider is unable to carry out the funeral.

The Trust has also specifically ensured that plan-holders are able to use the full current value of their plan to pay ANY funeral director provided that a copy of the death certificate and an invoice are presented to the Trust.  This means that your family can get the maximum benefit from your decision to plan ahead even if they decide they need a different style of funeral.

All Pure Cremation Funeral Plan payments are paid directly into the Trust. At this point the Trust will pay out no more than the published administration fee to those companies that have been involved in generating and administering the sale of each plan. All of the remaining money stays in the Trust. The appointed funeral provider will only receive further payment on completion of a plan-holder’s funeral.

The Trust works with expert fund managers Kames Capital, one of the UK’s leading ethical investment company, to ensure that the fund grows to meet future funeral costs.

If you wish to cancel your plan within 14 days you will receive a full refund. After 14 days you will receive a refund equal to the total plan funds paid LESS the administration fee that applied at the time of purchase. The only other way money can be withdrawn from the trust is by presenting the trustees with a copy of the plan-member's death certificate and funeral invoice.


If you would like more in-depth information about our prepaid cremation plans you can visit the dedicated website


It couldn't be simpler to buy a Pure Cremation Pre-paid Funeral Plan:

If your happy to sign up online just choose one of the payment options below, click SELECT and fill in the form, if you'd prefer to deal with a real person or have any questions then call us anytime for free on 01635 261944.  

Single Payment of £1,595   Single Payment Pre-paid Funeral Plan 
6 Monthly Payments of £265.83 each   6 Monthly Payments Pre-paid Funeral Plan
12 Monthly Payments of £138.23 each   12 Monthly Payments Pre-paid Funeral Plan
24 Monthly Payments of £71.78 each   24 monthly payments Pre-paid Funeral Plan
36 Monthly Payments of £49.62 each   36 monthly payments Pre-paid Funeral Plan
48 Monthly Payments of £38.55 each   48 monthly payments Pre-paid Funeral Plan
60 Monthly Payments of £31.90 each   60 monthly payments Pre-paid Funeral Plan


Prefer to download an application form and send it to us? Use this button:  download funeral plan application form

Just want a Record of Wishes?

If you already have made provision for your funeral costs then you can still nominate Pure Cremation to carry out your funeral. Anyone can ask for a FREE Record of Wishes and we'll send you a FUNERAL WISHES CARD to carry in your purse or wallet too.
Just complete our simple form.  Record of Wishes

NOTE - A Record of Wishes alone is NOT a contract for our services.


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