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What is the Refer a Friend Scheme all about?

Our happy plan holders are already fantastic ambassadors. Let's face it, a friend telling us about a new product or service that has improved their life is more powerful than any advert!

We want to say "Thank you" to everyone who helps us to spread the word about Pure Cremation because you are providing valuable new information that helps to give other funeral buyers more choice...and greater control.

It's really simple - if you are an existing Pure Cremation plan holder and recommend us to a friend we'll send BOTH of you a £25 M&S gift voucher if they become a plan holder too. The full terms and conditions are further down the page.

REMEMBER! There's no limit to the number of recommendations that we'll reward, but your friends MUST quote your name and plan number as the REFERRAL CODE when they buy, or we won't know who thank.

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What is a direct cremation?

Whether for yourself or a loved one, a direct cremation provides a truly modern alternative to the traditional funeral. It separates the cremation from the ceremony, dealing sensitively with the practicalities and giving you the freedom to plan a ceremony where, when and how you choose.

Pure Cremation is the UK's leading direct cremation provider, and every year we are trusted by thousands of families to carry out a cremation-only funeral. We fully understand the need for a dignified, no fuss cremation, and are 100% committed to providing this simple option.

What’s more, our cremation-only funeral plans offer excellent value for money. They're guaranteed to cover the full cost of our service, with nothing more to pay so you and your family can relax and get on with enjoying life.

About Direct Cremation

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The Refer a Friend Scheme Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer gives both the “recommender” and their recommended Friend a £25 gift card for each qualifying recommendation made on or after 1st October 2018.
  2. We may change, extend or withdraw this offer at any time and without letting you know.
  3. This offer is not available to Pure Cremation employees – we have a separate programme for our staff ambassadors.
  4. To qualify for this offer, the recommender must be 18 years or over and have already purchased a Pure Cremation Funeral Plan in their own name or jointly with another member.
  5. The recommendation can be made using the specific Refer a Friend leaflets we provide, by telephone, by email or verbally.
  6. The Friend must quote the name and plan number of the person making the recommendation when making their plan purchase. We will always do our best to record this information at the point of enquiry, but the Friend is ultimately responsible for giving us the information that will trigger the voucher payment.
  7. We only accept one recommendation for the recommended Friend, even if the Friend is recommended by more than one recommender.
  8. There’s no limit to the number of Friends a recommender can recommend, and each recommendation will qualify for a payment if they meet the conditions.
  9. Gift vouchers will be issued between 31 and 45 days of the date the Friend made their first payment, provided that the Friend has not cancelled their plan before the voucher is issued.
  10. If the recommended Friend cancels their plan they will no longer qualify as a potential recommender and will not receive a further payment if they subsequently purchase another Pure Cremation Funeral Plan for themselves.


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