1. Why should I choose you?

Pure Cremation helps hundreds of families a year who choose direct cremation over a traditional funeral. We are run by a team of caring and experienced funeral professionals that have chosen to specialise in this type of funeral. Our founder, Bryan Powell, holds the Diploma in Funeral Directing and was the founding Chairman of the Independent Funeral Directors College.

2. Can I attend? 

Yes. Although there will be no service of any kind some families still wish to attend the cremation. This usually takes place at 9.00am and there is a charge of £200 for up to 10 people. This charge covers the cost of additional staff time, providing your selection of music and the cremation taking place at a crematorium of your choice from our list of crematoria. Please contact us for details of the crematoria we use.

3. My relative has passed away at home/in a nuring home, can you help?

Yes. We offer 24/7 collection from home or nursing home within a substantial proportion of our coverage area. As before, our team will liaise with the relevant doctors to ensure that all of the necessary Cremation Certificates are completed. Pure Cremation is the only direct cremation provider investing in the additional staff, vehicles and equipment required to offer this extra care.

We are working towards providing complete continuity of care across the whole of England and Wales but some families will still need to engage a local firm in the first instance. Our team will be happy to assist you with this if necessary.

If death has occurred at home or in a nursing home simply call 01635 261944 day or night, to get expert advice about what should happen next.

4. Can I collect the ashes?

Of course. These will usually be available for collection 4 working days after the direct cremation from the crematorium office. You will need some form of identification for the ashes to be released to you. 

5. Can you collect the ashes and return them to me?

Yes. If you would like the ashes returned to you there are two options - they can be returned by us within 28 days of the cremation for no additional cost or you can specify a day and time for their return for £150. We no longer use couriers for returning cremated remains for two reasons, first we found that on occasions they were not taking enough care of the ashes and secondly they have now all added cremated ramains to their list of prohibited items. This means that if the ashes are lost not only will they not be liable for compensation but they could take action against the sender.

6. What else can I do with the ashes?

These can be scattered or buried at a location of your choice, stored in a lovely urn or casket, transformed into jewellery, incorporated into fireworks...simply speak to one of our team about what you would like.

7. Is this a communal cremation?

Absolutely not. In the UK each person is cremated individually and we always provide a certificate confirming the identity of each set of remains.

8. Do you re-use the coffin?

Absoutely not. UK crematoriums only accept people for cremation if they are in a suitable coffin and it cannot be opened once it has been received by the crematorium staff.

9. Why is this so cheap?

Our charge reflect the amount of time involved in arranging and conducting this kind of service, and the lower cost for a "cremation only" service where the committal takes place.

10. What kind of coffin do you provide?

We include a simple solid pine, wooden coffin. 

11. Why don't you use a cardboard coffin.

We don't use cardboard coffins for a number of reasons. Cardboard leaves a residue in the cremator and does not help fuel the cremation process in the same way that wood does. This means that more gas is required to carry out the cremation entirely negating any environmental benefit. In addition cardboard coffins are far less popular than wooden ones and therefore more expensive for us to purchase. We only buy coffins made from wood certified as sourced from FSC Certified forests where the trees are professionally managed. 

12. Can I pre-book this kind of funeral?

Yes! We are one of the few funeral firms happy to help you pre-arrange exactly the kind of funeral that is right for you, including this minimalist service.

You can create a FREE "Record of Wishes" document or even set up a pre-paid plan.

For more information visit our Planning Ahead page or our Pre-paid Funeral Plans FAQs page.

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