All about Direct Cremation

In the UK, nearly 80% of all funerals are cremation based and now it is much more common to see a celebration of life rather than a traditional funeral service, often lead by a civil celebrant or a vicar. As families search for more relevant and meaningful ways to say goodbye there has been a growth in the number of people choosing a new funeral style – direct cremation.


So, What is a Direct Cremation?


A direct cremation is the simplest way to carry out a cremation – it takes place without a service or any mourners in attendance at the crematorium itself.


What’s the same?

Just like any other cremation there is legal paperwork to complete and the deceased needs to be looked after properly whilst this happens. The Pure Cremation HQ includes state of the art facilities for this.


Everyone is placed in a coffin which is cremated along with the deceased – this protects the body and allows safe, dignified handling. You still get to say goodbye – just on your terms.


Your loved one’s cremation is carried out with the same respect as any other, and the ashes are carefully recovered and returned to family if desired.


What’s different?

You can say “No” to a fancy coffin, we use an inexpensive design in plain pine. There is no preparation or viewing of the body and definitely no embalming.


Often the cremation can happen sooner because you aren’t trying to co-ordinate the availability of the family, the funeral director AND the crematorium.


Instead of the trauma of collecting the ashes yourself the Pure Cremation team will hand deliver these on a day to suit you.


Without the coffin as a focal point you can hold your farewell anywhere you want, which means you can include everyone, from young children to beloved pets!


Freedom from the crematorium diary means you can choose a day and time that suits busy working lives, why not a weekend?


Why Choose Direct Cremation Over a Funeral?


A direct cremation is the perfect option for someone who doesn’t quite fit into any of those ‘traditional’ boxes, and instead wants something unique, bold and tailored to them in every way, that won’t cost the earth. It’s a way to break free of the traditional mould, and take the lead on doing something their way, instead of following the crowd.


There are lots of other reasons for choosing direct cremation, for example, you gain extra time to gather relatives from around the world to say a proper “goodbye”, a traditional funeral with only a handful of people can be even more painful and sad, you might prefer to go for the least expensive option and leave a bigger legacy to a charity or family member…


Speaking of Costs – How Much is a funeral without a service?


A direct cremation typically costs around £1000, but you should always check exactly what is included as some providers don't offer fully-inclusive pricing.


In recent years there has been an enormous amount of discussion around the costs of funerals, particularly as they just seem to keep going up and up. Now, the average cost of a basic traditional funeral is around £4,200 (Source: Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2018) with some costing a lot more if you go for added extras.


Today’s families are questioning the value of the traditional funeral format and shouldn’t have to pay thousands of pounds for a funeral style that isn’t right for them. Of course, they still want good care and good service, but it is only right that a fuss-free service costs less than something more formal.


Our motto is “the freedom to choose” because we really are committed to helping families create the ideal farewell for them, whether that’s an intimate gathering at the beach, a church service with a motorbike instead of the coffin or a celebration of life party at a favourite zoo.


Check out our growing series of inspiring examples and ideas here, and tell us what you’d choose.

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