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10 point checklist for choosing a funeral plan provider

Following the publication earlier by Funeral Plan Report by Fairer Finance, Pure Cremation has drawn up a 10 point checklist to help individuals get the right end result


  1. Know who you are dealing with – carry out research in advance.

  2. Have a clear understanding of your own wishes and make sure this is documented as this could have a bearing on the ultimate cost of the funeral.

  3. What is included and what isn’t – if this isn’t crystal clear don’t buy

  4. What exactly is covered by any Guarantee – be suspicious of any provider claiming to offer a 100% guarantee and read the small print

  5. What provision is made to ensure the plan holders’ money is kept safe

  6. Ask how much commission is paid to the person selling the plan as this can seriously reduce the sum available for the funeral itself

  7. Always check that your chosen funeral director accepts the type of plan you are considering

  8. If the plan is Trust-based you might want to check out who the Trustees are and which are directly connected to the provider

  9. If the plan is insurance-based check how long before your payments in exceed the payment you’ll get out, along with the other T’s & C’s

  10. Transparency is key – ensure that the funeral costs are easily available e.g. online


The Pure Cremation team are committed to accuracy, transparency and great value. Go to our ‘Funeral Plans Page or chat to the team to find out more about our 100% Guaranteed Prepaid Funeral Plans.


Once you fully understand your chosen plan you must ensure that your family does too – it’s the best way to make the most of the gift they never knew they needed.

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