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Pure Cremation - No longer a best kept secret

Unfortunately, at some point in your life you will most likely have to organise or attend a funeral. In the past this will have probably been a sad affair filled with dark clothing and tears, but something has been changing in the funeral world that offers an alternative to what has been the norm for so long.


Direct cremations are becoming much more commonplace as our preferences move away from the more traditional ceremonies we’re used to, and even the big funeral companies are beginning to realise that they cannot deny customers the choice they are increasingly demanding.


But for us at Pure Cremation, this type of funeral is what we have been focussed on for many years. We saw the benefits for our customers of this type of service long before others have followed suit once they realised people were increasingly embracing this type of goodbye. We are no longer a best kept secret!


The benefits of organising a direct cremation with Pure Cremation

  • Arrange a service with a provider 100% dedicated to direct cremations
  • Excellent customer service from a team who handle every cremation arrangement with kindness and attention to detail
  • No hidden or additional fees for you or your loved ones to pay
  • A fleet of specialist discreet smart vehicles that are tracked for safety and efficiency
  • Bespoke electronic customer data systems that record each step of the care process from initial call to final delivery of the ashes
  • State of the art, refrigerated client care space, complete with specialist lifting equipment for safe and dignified transfers
  • An easy to use website with downloadable resources
  • Dedicated hand delivery of the ashes by caring personnel to your chosen address
  • Our beautiful Charlton Park crematorium and staff that allow us to offer seamless continuity of care
  • Fantastic value for money, with a saving of 60%* compared to the average funeral


Organising a direct cremation not only gives you peace of mind through all of the above, but it also provides total freedom to arrange a personalised send off. That could be a big family get together at a time and date to suit all family, pets and friends, on a special trip to scatter the ashes – the choice is truly yours.


While we have been quietly leading the way in the direct cremation world, we’ve also been setting the standards – creating a Code of Practice that we follow closely to ensure our customers receive the best service. Our Code of Practice is split into four key areas:


  • Obligations to the Family – each family should be served in a professional and caring manner, being respectful of their wishes and confidences while being honest and fair in all dealings.
  • Obligations for the Care of the Deceased – each deceased person should be cared for with the highest level of respect and dignity.
  • Obligations to the Public – firms should operate their business with the highest principles of honesty, fair dealing and professionalism.
  • Obligationsto their Staff – business should follow all relevant legislation while also treating their staff fairly.


As you can see, we take the care of our clients – both the deceased and the loved one organising the funeral – very seriously. So please take a look at our 550 plus 5-star reviews on If you’re ready to find out more about one of the best kept secrets in the funeral industry, it’s time to get in touch with Pure Cremation today.


Planning for the future might seem a little morbid but it takes the pressure off yourself and your loved ones, allowing them time to grieve without the worry about arranging or paying for a funeral. Our pre-paid plans are easy to arrange – most of the paperwork can even be completed online for the ultimate convenience. For more information about our services take a look at our frequently asked questions or give us a call on 0800 182 2155.


* According to Sun Life’s Cost of Dying Report 2021 the average cost of a funeral in the UK is £4,184

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