About the Pure Cremation Service

Our Simple Process

We want to keep our process as simple as possible to ensure that arranging your loved one's funeral isn't more stressful than it needs to be. Our specialised care team can help you every step of the way, whether it is filling out paperwork or guidance on DWP or Social Fund.

Arranging with us means you can choose how to say goodbye to your loved one. Tap here to inspire you on a truly personal farewell.

Thoughtful Technology

Our many years' experience of caring for the bereaved has informed our approach and working methods. We are committed to giving each family total peace of mind and eliminating any secret anxiety about the care your loved one receives, the identity of the ashes that are returned and our impact on the planet.

One process we have adopted from Europe is a simple ceramic token engraved with a unique cremation number which we place on top of the coffin before it enters the cremation chamber. This token stays with you or your loved one throughout the cremation process and is finally placed in the top of our modern, biodegradable ashes containers.

What is direct cremation?

Direct cremation is the simplest funeral option, where the cremation takes place completely separately from the personal farewell.

Many families hold a memorial or celebration of life service at a later date, and with a direct cremation you’re able to arrange a much more personalized service without the time and cost-pressure of a traditional funeral.

Whether you need our services now, or you’re planning for the future, Pure Cremation is here when you need us the most.

About Direct Cremation

About our coffin

What coffin do you provide?

We provide a simple solid pine coffin to each client, carefully selected for its durability, elegance and good eco-credentials. It also allows safe and dignified loading of the cremation chamber and helps fuel the cremation process itself.

Do you re-use the coffin?

Definitely not. The coffin is only used once and will never be reused for another client. Once it is received by the crematorium staff, it cannot be opened.

Do you use cardboard coffins?

We do not use cardboard coffins for a number of reasons. Cardboard leaves a residue in the cremator and does not help fuel the cremation process in the same way that wood does. This means that more gas is required to carry out a cremation entirely negating any environmental benefit.

Plus, cardboard coffins are actually more expensive than wooden ones, and our coffins are made from wood sources from FSC Certified forests where the trees are sustainably managed.

What will the ashes come back in?

Instead of using plastic urns we have chosen a new kind of ashes container made from cellulose to ensure it is both robust AND biodegradable. Our standard presentation for the ashes is the biodegradable box with a smart photo wrapper in one of three designs.

We have also adopted a lovely European technique to tangibly confirm the identity of each set of remains. A ceramic disc bearing the unique cremation number is placed on each coffin as it enters the cremator and this is returned to the family in the circular aperture of the ashes container.

The ashes are easily accessed for transfer into an alternative container or scattering. Alternatively, you can simply place the box in the ground.

As well as the ceramic token, each person we look after is allocated a unique identifying code and this is used throughout our care, including a label for ashes containers. The official cremation certificate from the crematorium is kept with the ashes at all times.

Any jewellery is carefully labelled, placed in a linen pouch and stored securely until delivery with the ashes takes place.

The ashes, cremation certificate and any jewellery are carefully placed into a soft cotton bag ready for safe return to each family.


How can we help?

Pure Cremation provides a simple direct cremation service that can be arranged online or by telephone. You can organise this now for someone who has already passed away or plan ahead for the future with one of our prepaid plans.

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Plan for the future for complete peace of mind and lock in today's price. See which of our fully-guaranteed plans and payment options fits your budget and relax, knowing that the Pure Promise ensures that your family will not have to pay anymore.

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