I am writing to bring to your attention the recent treatment of one of our clients who reported that the extremely negative and judgemental reaction of the registrar to her choice of a Direct Cremation for her father reduced her to tears during her appointment with the Lancaster office.

Obviously there is a need to ensure that your team are fully aware of all of the funeral choices available to families and the importance of not expressing any judgement of a family’s decision and while the person concerned has no wish to make a formal complaint I felt this should be brought to your attention.

Direct Cremation is a valid, legal choice that simply separates the two parts of a funeral that by custom usually occur on the same day. Most of the families we serve ask us to look after the legal disposal of the physical remains of their relative with dignity and care while they plan a separate event to celebrate their memories and relationships. It is very important to note that all of  our clients instruct us based on the clear wishes expressed by their loved one for a “no-fuss” send-off.

The families we serve are among the best-informed funeral purchasers in the land. In fact the courage of these families in facing their loved one’s mortality and their careful research to find a provider that actually meets their needs should be saluted, which makes the judgemental approach of your staff member all the more disappointing.

I am quite certain that you will be as keen as I am to ensure that no other bereaved people are exposed to this additional distress and I have attached our brochure and our very popular E-Book (How to Save £2.5K on a funeral) which I hope you will find useful and circulate to your team. At Pure Cremation we recognise that professionals and public alike need good information and education about Direct Cremation and so I would be very happy to send printed version of the attached booklets and to make myself available at no charge for any forthcoming training sessions you may have planned.

Please do not hesitate to use any of the details below to contact me if you would like to discuss this further.

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