Pure Cremation are experts in helping those making claims for assistance with funeral costs.

We work closely with the DWP Bereavement Team and understand their process. We do all that we can to ensure that you get a simple, respectful cremation for your loved one with




Who qualifies for help with funeral costs?

You must be an appropriate person to take responsibility for the arrangements and must be on qualifying benefits. The DWP does not consider any benefits the deceased person received when looking at your claim.

As a guide you can use our Eligibility Checker but remember that the DWP will use much more information to asses your claim.

Please note that the DWP will not consider a claim based on the benefits that the deceased person received.


What does a DWP Social Fund Funeral Payment (SFFP) cover?

Many people do not realise that a DWP SFFP will only cover the essential items relating to the cremation of someone who has died. The MAXIMUM award will cover the following:

  • crematorium fees
  • doctors' fees (unless the coroner has been involved)
  • Up to £700 towards all other costs such as the coffin, vehicles and funeral director's professional fees

The average award amount is approximately £1,365 compared to the average cost of a basic funeral in the UK of £3600. It's easy to why even those families getting a maximum award still have to find hundreds or thousands of pounds to make up the difference.

The cost of a Pure Cremation is very low and this means that a maximum award will cover the full amount, so you aren't left with money worries on top of your grief. 


How do I apply for help from the DWP?

The quickest way to apply is by telephone. Call the Bereavement Team helpline on 0345 606 0265 and the staff will guide you through the application. If you have been receving benefits in joint names with the person who has died you MUST RE-APPLY for those benefits in your own name before the DWP can process your SFFP application.

Please tell us as early as possible if you intend to make a DWP claim. It is ESSENTIAL that the name on the Pure Cremation invoice matches the name of the claimant and we also require their National Insurance number.

We will submit this invoice directly to the DWP Bereavement Team so that they can match it up with your other claim documents.

Some benefits are not administered by the DWP so the Bereavement Team will ask you to provide proof of these. YOUR CLAIM WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL THE DWP RECEIVE THESE. 


 When will the cremation take place?

 It is our policy not to c

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