As the leading experts Pure Cremation are often asked by the media to comment on and provide insight into Direct Cremation. Below you'll find some of the articles we have contributed to.

Pure Cremation on the BBC

At her request, Anita Brookner, the Booker prize-winning British author, wished for a send-off that truly reflected her values and beliefs – a direct cremation, over a traditional funeral. 

Dr Brookner’s attitude to death was well documented as being disarmingly straightforward and, for many, it is this simplicity that empowers people to request a direct cremation.

However, there is still some public confusion about this legal, respectful and liberating option. Director at Pure Cremation, Catherine Powell explains more in this BBC News article "Who Chooses Not To Have A Funeral?"

16th March 2016

Pure Cremation in the Daily Telegraph

“David Bowie’s choice of direct cremation caused a massive spike in traffic to our website,” explains Catherine Powell, commercial director of Pure Cremation. The business, founded in August 2015, offers customers a direct cremation service, in which a body is cremated in the days following a death, without the need for a funeral.

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28th July 2016

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